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Drag & Throw effect with TweenLite ?

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First of all, Hi! my first post here!


I've been using TweenLite for a while now but couldn't find a way to create Drag & Throw effect (kinda iPhone style, where you can click and drag objects with this nice tweening on release).


Here's something similar http://www.theorigin.net/tutorialFiles/ ... eypuck.swf (no need for the bounce on the walls though).


Any hints ?


Oh, and I'm still with AS2 :oops:




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Sure, that's the perfect scenario for the physics2D or physicsProps plugin. You'd just use an onEnterFrame to calculate the velocity of the mouse movement (by comparing the previous _xmouse/_ymouse values with the current ones) and then when the user releases the mouse, you create your tween and plug that velocity value into the tween. There's an interactive example of the plugins in the Plugin Explorer on the web site and all the downloads. http://www.TweenLite.com

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Hi, is there any way that you write here code for this, because Im new in all this and as3?



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Hi there, I'm going to second this. The iPhone drag and throw effect is becoming very popular and I think users could do well to see an example of it in code. I'm in the corporate membership club BTW. Please message me if you need verification.

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