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LiquidStage & Flex(4)

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Hey there,


is it possible to use LiquidStage with Flex. Sure, Flex Components already come with layout functionality. But I think LiquidStage is more convenient.

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Well, LiquidStage is pure AS3 so in theory you could, but there are two potential issues I can think of:


1) Flex requires that everything that gets placed on the stage be a UIComponent but LiquidArea extends Shape which isn't a UIComponent so you couldn't set preview = true on a LiquidArea instance or use the mask feature. I wouldn't consider either one to be critical features at all, so you may be just fine.


2) Flex has its own layout framework that's wired into its guts and I'm not sure how it would affect things. You may be just fine, though. I'm not a Flex guru (I actually can't stand Flex, but there are plenty of people who are crazy about it - I'm not saying it's bad/wrong but I've run into lots of bugs and cumbersome quirks and performance issues that turned me off pretty quickly).


If anyone else out there is more of a Flex guru and can speak to the issue of using LiquidStage in it, please chime in.


I'd encourage you to give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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