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Rotate & Scale not showing up.

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Hi Jack, great job on the TransformationManager, I just picked it up Friday! I have an app with an illustration canvas and for some reason TM and it are having a hard time getting to know each other. (I apologize, I haven't taken the time to test TM outside of my Flex app) The problem I'm having is that for some reason only the move tool is showing up on the newly drawn shapes. I don't get handles for rotation or scaling. I'm adding them through addItem after they're drawn. At the moment I'm just testing with whatever the default instantiation (no params) does. Any ideas? Thank you much as always.


By the way, this is all written in AS3 above the Flex GUI, so I'm using your base TM class.

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Hmmm, not sure. Never heard of that issue before and it's kinda tough to troubleshoot without seeing your code/app. Any chance you could send it my way? The simpler the better (you don't need to send your production files - just a simple example that isolates the issue).

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Sure Jack, it's a pretty lean app, I'll email it your way shortly.

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My issue seems to be the same. The transform box, rotate, or scale does not show up. I am still able to move the display object with the move tooltip.

I am also working in AS3 in a Flex wrapper- Using original TM class with display objects.

Has this been resolved?

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I can't remember exactly what the problem with wilrevehl's file was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a problem with TransformManager. wilrevehl, do you remember?


TNord, feel free to send me your files if you still need help. It's very difficult to troubleshoot blind. :)

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