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LoaderMax Unloading Individual Items

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Hey Jack,


Here is my issue. I am using LoaderMax to load an FLV and a SWF. At some point I want to remove the FLV but keep the SWF, and of course when I invoke unload() it removes everything. Is there something like removeContent("flvVideo") or unload("flvVideo") I am not aware of?



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Absolutely. Every loader has an unload() method. So you can do:




Or keep a variable that references the VideoLoader and call it directly, like:


var vl:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(...);

var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax(...);
queue.append(...other stuff...);

//then later when you want to unload the video stuff, do...


And if you want to completely destroy the VideoLoader and its content, you can call dispose(true) on it.


Does that clear things up for you?

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Ah, that's perfect I knew there had to be a way to do this. I just used LoaderMax on my latest project and it works perfectly, thanks for creating it.

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