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preload multiple assets as2

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Hi !

i'm using you're old as2 class "preload assets manager" for a website but i got a problem when preloading. i have to wait for a few seconds before preload (no bandwich used during this time).

is there a delay function or anything ??


preview of the site : http://salesudvideo.free.fr/4cast


here is the AS code


import gs.dataTransfer.PreloadAssetManager;

var repertoire = "datas/"+_root.langue+"/";

//var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["datas/css/forcast.css"], onFinish);
var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["portfolio.swf","datas/css/forcast.css","datas/portfolio.xml","datas/fly.flv","datas/flyout.flv",repertoire+"xml/forcast.xml",repertoire+"flv/acceuil.flv",repertoire+"flv/broadcast.flv",repertoire+"flv/contact.flv",repertoire+"flv/events.flv",repertoire+"flv/moyens.flv",repertoire+"flv/plasma.flv",repertoire+"flv/portfolio.flv",repertoire+"flv/solutions.flv",repertoire+"img/broadcast.jpg",repertoire+"img/contact.jpg",repertoire+"img/events.jpg",repertoire+"img/moyens.jpg",repertoire+"img/plasma.jpg",repertoire+"img/solutions.jpg",repertoire+"img/portfolio.jpg"], onFinish);

this.onEnterFrame = function() { 
preload.pourc.text = Math.round(preloader_obj.percentLoaded_num) ;


function onFinish(pl_obj:PreloadAssetManager):Void { //Gets called when all the assets are preloaded.
root.onEnterFrame = null;
TweenMax.to(preload, .3, {_alpha:0,onComplete:function(){preload._visible=false}});



thanks for helping !!



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Not sure - maybe you have other stuff going on in your file or maybe it's auditing the size of the files (PreloadAssetManager does that by default). Very difficult to troubleshoot blind. Sorry, that AS2 class is ancient and I don't actively support it anymore :)

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i tried by uploading your exemple file with my files and i looks like the same ! do you know if i can remove some part of code for making it faster ? is there some kind of timeout or delayed function ?

i do not need to get informations of size of the files preloaded...



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Did you set trackProgress_boolean to false?


And are you positive that you don't have a bad URL in there that is stalling things?

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i did not set trackProgress_boolean to false and when i do it is still the same.

i removed the variable so code is now

var preloader_obj = new PreloadAssetManager(["portfolio.swf","datas/css/forcast.css","datas/portfolio.xml","datas/fly.flv","datas/flyout.flv","datas/fr/xml/forcast.xml","datas/fr/flv/accueil.flv","datas/fr/flv/broadcast.flv","datas/fr/flv/contact.flv","datas/fr/flv/events.flv","datas/fr/flv/moyens.flv","datas/fr/flv/plasma.flv","datas/fr/flv/portfolio.flv","datas/fr/flv/solutions.flv","datas/fr/img/broadcast.jpg","datas/fr/img/contact.jpg","datas/fr/img/events.jpg","datas/fr/img/moyens.jpg","datas/fr/img/plasma.jpg","datas/fr/img/solutions.jpg","datas/fr/img/portfolio.jpg"], onFinish);


all url's are ok



even if i choose only one file to preload i still have a "waiting time" before loading. moreover, preloading appears also when i publish the swf within select a bandwich test (ctrl+enter x2)

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Like I said, PreloadAssetManager isn't actively supported anymore, and it's virtually impossible for me to troubleshoot for you without seeing your FLA and being able to publish it and see precisely what you're talking about. Sorry, I wish I could give you a quick answer.

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thanks for all, i join the fla file if you have a minute to look. thanks aso for tween engine and xml parser wich are very helpfull to me !!

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I don't have time to look through all that code in your production files - you didn't even include the files you're loading, etc. If you want help troubleshooting, please post a simplified FLA that ONLY includes the absolute necessary code to reproduce the issue. Include all necessary files so that I can simply publish the FLA and immediately see the issue.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi, i found out the problem !!!!!!

after a long brain washing i tried to remove css and xml files from assets list and it works normally !

thanks for helping !


ciao !!

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