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Frightfully Juddery

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Hello there,

I've been using the tweenmax platform for a fair while now but i've never been able to quite get rid of this persistent juddering. I have no doubts that the problem is in fact with my code, not the tweener, but various little tricks i have had no luck with. To see what i mean, i uploaded here (give it a second to load, its about 4 meg big):




The little movie i've made is representative of a larger product that i am developing as part of a research project. Since it is to do with user perception to an array of images, any jittering is obviously bad news! I would very much appreciate any tips but i am more than convinced it is to do with my code and not to do with the stage FPS, monitor refresh rate or CPU speed.


The way i have implemented this is by reading in an XML file which points to 100 image locations. These get loaded in and then added to a timeline. To stop them all playing at once they are incremented with a delay. It's so elementary in fact, i cannot see where i am going wrong.

function displayImg(img:Loader, delay:Number, tl:TimelineLite):void
var testMc:MovieClip=new MovieClip();
	testMc.x = -300;
	testMc.y = 1024;
var Clip:Object = testMc;
myVars.x = 1280;
myVars.y = -200;
myVars.onStart = showUp;
myVars.onComplete = hideAway;
myVars.delay = delay;
myVars.ease = Linear.easeNone;

function showUp():void
{this.visible = true;}

function hideAway():void
{this.visible = false;}

tl.insert(new TweenMax(Clip, imageSpeed, myVars));




Any pointers as to what this is or might be would be very much appreciated!


Below is a link to the fla file if you would like to see my terrible code in it's full and unabridged form:



Thanks in advance,

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Yeah, from what I can tell, it has nothing to do with your code or TweenLite/Max - the Flash Player has some rendering quirks that can cause some tearing. It's usually not very noticeable, but in your case it is because you're moving the images so quickly and there are hard lines.


Wish I could be of more assistance. You could experiment with using BitmapData and rendering your stuff to that manually so everything is dumped into the same BitmapData, but I realize that's a hassle. Just an idea.


Oh, and by the way, I noticed you're reusing the same TweenMaxVars object for a bunch of tweens - don't do that. The tweens hang onto that object and refer to it at various times during tween intialization and while rendering, etc. so you'll end up with problems if you reuse the same object.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond, i shall still continue my search mitigate the tearing.

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This solution will undoubtedly create new problems for you, but setting wmode to 'direct' will solve most of screen tearing caused by bitmaps moving about.

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