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Multiple selection

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Hi Jack,


Is it correct I understood? ... In version 1.9xx the multiple selection possible only with SHIFT-click/CTRL-click.


The multiple selection by mouse only (press a mouse button -> select region with DisplayObjects -> release the mouse button) will be more convenient for user. Do you have in plans to implement this ability into the TransformManager?



PS. TransformManager -- the best tool for transformation in Flash/Flex !!!

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Are you talking about clicking in an empty area of the swf and then dragging and having TransformManager draw a rectangle and then when the user releases the mouse anything touching that rectangle would be selected? Yeah, that's not a feature of TransformManager. No plans to implement it either, but maybe someday in v2 :)


FYI, you could certainly add that functionality yourself - you can create selections directly through code like myManager.selectItems([item1, item2]) so all you'd need to do is build the part that would draw the rectangle selection and sense which objects are touching it and feed those to TransformManager's selectItems() method.

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>>Are you talking about clicking in an empty area ....?

Yes, you are absolutely right.


ok, thank you for advice!

I will try to create a "mouse selection".

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Hey _Vlad_,


did you create a mouse selection mode yet? I would be interested in it, too.


Thanks, trispo

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Hi trispo,


yes, I have created this ability (thanks to Jack for the advice).

You can see video with example.

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