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'Clunky' website. How do I optimize for TweenLite

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This is my first post so good luck!


I’m using TreenLite to animate my website and I’m really pleased –so far. http://www.doogle.com/AmazingAcademy/AA.html


However, the home page is getting really ‘clunky’ with only 12 objects animated. The next page I’m working on is ‘meet the tutors’ which will require about 20 tweens. Is there a way to optimise the site so the animations run smoother and ‘snappier’?


Few considerations:

1: I believe all my objects should be sprites, I’m a little confused as how to make a sprite. Is it simply a movieclip with no timeline? I’m not sure if Flash knows my movieclips are sprites as they are all one frame long, or if I need to convert my movieclips into sprites – somehow??

2: The background is made out of a single small tile and then just arranged in a grid – currently it’s just a group, should I convert this to anything else?


Any help appreciated!



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Don't worry about Sprites vs MovieClips. Technically Sprites use a bit less memory, but it's trivial in your case. And your background tile should also be fine. If you want to optimize it by using a BitmapData, go for it, but that's more complex and I doubt it's necessary in your case.


I doubt you need to do anything in terms of optimizing your tweens themselves - TweenLite and TweenMax are extremely optimized and can handle literally thousands of simultaneous tweens. Typically the biggest CPU hog by FAR (literally 100:1 ratio) is graphics rendering in Flash itself. I don't have time to explain all the optimization techniques, but Google is your friend. :) Also, you can experiment with increasing your frame rate to make things appear smoother in terms of animation, but be careful - don't go overboard because it can also hurt CPU performance. I'd never go over 60. Often 30 is fine.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll have a play around with a few settings and see how I get on!


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