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drag and snap

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Hi there!


I was wondering if I get transform manager, can I drag a square movieclip and have it snap to a grid, (if need be an underlaying square?) I'm not sure how to mimic a grid in as3, the attached fla file will give an idea of what I'm after, you grab one of the boxes and drag to the center square where it will automatically enlarge and snap to the grid, and then become a navigational button.

I can figure out how to make it a navigation, but can transform manager do what I'd like to do?

I'd also like the mc to become a little transparent so you can still see what's underneath it when dragging...

I have really no problem paying for the software, (and I get the discount I think as a shockingly green member!) but I would like to know if this can be done!


Thank you so much for your always great advice and code!

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Sorry, but there isn't any built-in snapping capabilities in TransformManager. You certainly could add them using external code (or by editing the class itself if you prefer). And as far as making the selected objects semi-transparent, that would be pretty easy because you could add a START_INTERACTIVE_MOVE listener that loops through the selectedItems and makes them whatever transparency you want, and then use a FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE listener that sets them back to normal transparency.


And if you don't like TransformManager, just take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee :)


Thanks for being a club member!

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If anyone does find a great slution for this, I am interested in any pointers.

I have developed a 'snap to sides' system... want some elemens to snap to the side (walls of a kitchen) and some to snap to grid.





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