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LoaderMax EventHandler on all swf's initialised?

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Hi Jack,


LoaderMax dispatches 'onComplete' when all items are loaded. This doesn't mean that all swf's have been initialized (that _initHandler has been called to set _content when available).


Now I add an 'onInit' listener to the last SwfLoader added to the queue, like in:


queue = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", auditSize:true, onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler});
queue.append(new SWFLoader('assets/swf/Main.swf', {name:"main", autoDispose: false, estimatedBytes:100000, autoPlay: false}));
queue.append(new SWFLoader('assets/swf/Snap.swf', {name:"snap", autoDispose: false, estimatedBytes:100000, autoPlay: false, onInit: lastSwfInitListener}));


Is extending LoaderMax with an eventHandler "onAllSwfInit" an option?



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Hmm, I'm not convinced this would be a feature that merits the additional file size it would require, and in order to be consistent I'd probably need to add it for other stuff like onAllXMLInitted - see what I mean? You could already implement this sort of thing on your own with some external logic using onInit callbacks that check against the total number that you know you need initialized. I think that would keep LoaderMax cleaner. Agree?

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Okay, small and cleaner code is indeed preferabel.

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