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Eclipse Bug with XMLLoader and CSSLoader

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My Eclipse Editor (FDT) does not accept the function "load()" from XMLLoader and CSSLoader?


My code looks like this:

_getXMLData = new XMLLoader(_CFGXML_FILENAME, {name:"configuration", onComplete:getXMLDataReady, onError:getDataError});


The method "load()" is underlined in red and the editor says "Could not resolve function load on line . . .". Compiling is no problem, but the editor marks an error?


One more comment to Jack: LoaderMax is REAL GREAT WORK!! Thank you!


Greetings from Austria

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Yeah, that definitely sounds like an FDT bug. You can see for yourself that XMLLoader extends LoaderCore which has the load() method.


FYI, I just posted another update with some very minor changes (mostly ASDoc improvements).

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