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LoaderMax Beta: external data files

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Just ran into something that hopefully would be an easy new feature tweak...with regards to external data files (containing text) with odd and uncommon file extensions. I have this game that loads a .lmz file, which is nothing more than a simple text file with an uncommon file extension that contains the special delimited game data in a compressed tabular format.


If we could set a property inside a TXTLoader class indicating that the file to be loaded should be treated as 'text' despite not having a .txt file extension, then we could have the ability to load various text related files (with any extension) and simply return the loaded contents as a raw text string.


I saw another post regarding supporting CSS files http://forums.greensock.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2908. Since CSS text files are style sheet related and parsed, perhaps CSS files would then be the only exception to what I'm proposing?


LoaderMax is about to become the 800 lb gorilla of loaders in the room.

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Good point(s). I just posted a new version that includes a DataLoader class that'll load generic content like text or binary data or URL-encoded variables. I also added a CSSLoader class. Please take a peek and let me know if it suits your needs. https://www.greensock.com/account/ Thanks Randall.

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