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LoaderMax Beta: typo in documentation

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In LoaderMax.html (the downloaded documentation) the example code does not compile because import com.greensock. is missing a *

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Good catch - that's an ASDoc thing (I needed to put "~~" instead of "*"). It'll be fixed in the next post.

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Hi Jack...i am noticing some weirdness in the actionscript class documentation. for e.g



* Loads an XML file and automatically searches it for LoaderMax-related nodes like <LoaderMax>,

* <ImageLoader>, <SWFLoader>, <XMLLoader>, <MP3Loader>, etc.; if it

* finds any, it will create the necessary instances and begin loading them if they have a load="true"

* attribute. The XMLLoader's progress will automatically factor in the dynamically-created

* loaders that have the load="true" attribute and it won't dispatch its COMPLETE event

* until those loaders have completed as well (unless integrateProgress:false is passed to the constructor).

* For example, let's say the XML file contains the following XML:




notice the < and > etc etc is not getting converted. making reading the docs a bit difficult. i am seeing this in ImageLoader.as, SWFLoader.as and XMLLoader.as ....please advice




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I've written the ASDoc comments for maximum readability in their final published form (HTML docs), not for reading inside the ActionScript file. Have you opened the documentation.html file that was in the downloads? Hopefully those will be much more readable. I cannot do regular tags because they'll be lost when the HTML docs are generated. Same with "*" symbols - I must make them ~~ instead. I wish Adobe's ASDoc generation tool could accommodate things better, but other than a few odd things like that, it does a very nice job.

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gotcha! thanks



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