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Set the length of a timeline for timelinemax?

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I need to have animations that stay in sync with a video that is playing. Can i set the duration of my TimelineMax animation to be the length of the video? (Then simply set delays in secs on each animation when i want it to occur?) I can achieve this effect by adding a few dummy tweens at the end of my animations but this seems kinda hackish.

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The duration and totalDuration properties will always reflect the TimelineLite/Max's contents (the tweens it contains). So you cannot, for example, have a TimelineLite with a duration of 10 seconds even though it only contains 1 tween that's 2 seconds long. Well, unless that tween's timeScale is 5 :) But you can technically set a TimelineLite/Max's duration or totalDuration property, but doing so will simply adjust its timeScale so that it takes that long to run. For example, if a TimelineLite's totalDuration is 2 and I manually set its totalDuration to 10, it will just force its timeScale to be 5 (its totalDuration will still report as being 2).

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Gotcha. Ok, to achieve what I want I may just have an 'empty' tween at the end or something to make it as long as the video. (Tween something's alpha property to 0 even if it is invisible...)

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I have also resorted the the hack above, does anyone know of a prettier solution? I am using it with scrollMagic and don't want the pin to end quite so soon

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The code below will give your timeline a duration of 25 seconds.

tl.to(obj, 1, {x:400})
  .set({}, {}, 25); //place empty set at time of 25 seconds
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