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Tween frames forward only?

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I need to tween 10 frames lenght MovieClip from frame 5 to frame 2 in three seconds. When I write


TweenLite.fromTo(mc, 3, {frame:5},{frame:2});  


Frames change like this: 5,4,3,2.

How to play this movie with normal direction:5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2 ?

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If you want to wrap it like that, you'd need to do two tweens. Tuck them into a TimelineLite to make it easy to control the entire thing as a whole. I'll break apart the math to make it a bit easier...


var maxFrame:Number = 10;
var startFrame:Number = 5; 
var endFrame:Number = 2;
var framesTotal:Number = (maxFrame - startFrame) + endFrame;
var ratio:Number = (maxFrame - startFrame) / framesTotal;
var durationTotal:Number = 3;

var t:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite();
t.append( TweenMax.fromTo(mc, durationTotal * ratio, {frame:startFrame}, {frame:maxFrame, ease:Linear.easeNone}) );
t.append( TweenMax.fromTo(mc, durationTotal * (1 - ratio), {frame:1}, {frame:endFrame, ease:Linear.easeNone}) );


Or you could do it with an onUpdate...


var obj:Object = {frame:5};
TweenLite.to(obj, 3, {frame:12, ease:Linear.easeNone, onUpdate:applyFrame}); //purposely overshoot to 12
function applyFrame():void {
   var frame:Number = Math.floor(obj.frame % mc.totalFrames);

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Thank you! But about this solution I already know, and it is too hard because I need to make several thousends of tweens like that :( Well I will use this solution but I think it would be great to have more simple way to do this

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This is the perfect situation for building your own plugin. In fact, I went ahead and whipped one together for you (see attached). You could use it like this:


import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;
import com.greensock.plugins.*;


TweenLite.to(mc, 5, {frameForward:5, ease:Linear.easeNone});


Again, the new plugin is in the attached zip in the com.greensock.plugins package. I also built a FrameBackwardPlugin.



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  • 2 weeks later...

How would I go about converting this new AS3 frameForward plugin to work with AS2? I've had a go with the following but it doesn't seem to actually do anything? Any advice would be gratefully received!





class com.greensock.plugins.FrameForwardPlugin extends TweenPlugin {
	/** @private **/
	public static var API:Number = 1.0; //If the API/Framework for plugins changes in the future, this number helps determine compatibility

	/** @private **/
	private var _start:Number;
	/** @private **/
	private var _change:Number;
	/** @private **/
	private var _max:Number;
	/** @private **/
	private var _target:MovieClip;
	/** @private Allows FrameBackwardPlugin to extend this class and only use an extremely small amount of kb (because the functionality is combined here) **/
	private var _backward:Boolean;

	/** @private **/
	public function FrameForwardPlugin() {
		this.propName = "frameForward";
		this.overwriteProps = ["frame","frameLabel","frameForward","frameBackward"];
		this.round = true;

	/** @private **/
	public function onInitTween(target:Object, value:Object, tween:TweenLite):Boolean {
		if (typeof(target) != "movieclip" || isNaN(value)) {
			return false;
		_target = MovieClip(target);
		_start = _target.currentFrame;
		_max = _target.totalFrames;
		_change = (typeof(value) == "number") ? Number(value) - _start : Number(value);
		if (!_backward && _change < 0) {
			_change += _max;
		} else if (_backward && _change > 0) {
			_change -= _max;
		return true;

	/** @private **/
	public function set changeFactor(n:Number){
		var frame:Number = (_start + (_change * n)) % _max;
		if (frame < 0.5 && frame >= -0.5) {
			frame = _max;
		} else if (frame < 0) {
			frame += _max;
		_target.gotoAndStop( int(frame + 0.5) );

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There were a few problems with your code, like using currentFrame/totalFrames instead of _currentframe/_totalframes and int() is only for AS3, but I went ahead and ported AS2 versions of FrameForwardPlugin and FrameBackwardPlugin and posted them here. I'll put 'em into the main AS2 zips online soon as well.



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That's great! thanks for the speedy response, and the awesome plugin!

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