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Killing Tweens of older TweenMax versions

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I've got a banner rotator in the works using the latest release of TweenMax. For the next little while, it will be loading slides I haven't made. The older slides animate by having "init()" called by the container. This works for the old container which changes slides with a timer but the new version has a menu. Rapidly switching between older slides can really screw up their animations, so I need to kill all child tweens, or just all tweens, before animating the next slide.


Problem is - the old slides are using version 2.34. Is there any way I can kill tweens of a loaded swf using a much older version of TweenMax? It's not essential but it'd be nice to have the container be backwards compatible.

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Oh my gosh - version 2.34? That was, what, back when mullets were in style and Jean Jackets were all the rage, right? :)


I can't quite remember if there was a killAllTweens() in that version or not, but you could try calling it directly with gs.TweenMax.killAllTweens(). Again, I'm not sure about that.


You can't republish those swfs? The newer versions are MUCH faster too, FYI.

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Ya, the older slides definitely weren't my work :P. I briefly tried republishing the old slides with v11 and it didn't immediately work. I tried putting TweenMax.killAllTweens() at the top of the init() method on older slides but that didn't seem to work either. I have no idea why since TweenMax.as (2.34) has a killAllTweens method.


Directly calling "gs.TweenMax.killAllTweens()" from the container would of course require importing gs.TweenMax which makes all TweenMax methods throw "1000: Ambiguous reference to TweenMax." Calling slideItem.gs.TweenMax.killAllTweens() throws "Error #1069: Property gs not found on Slide21 and there is no default value." too.


The container will soon be showing slides all made by me, so no biggie :)

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