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DISABLE button while tweening

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I have a button that initiates a motion tween.

The tween lasts one second.

During that second the button should not react, e.g. start another tween.

How can I disable the button until the tween is completed?



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Assuming it's AS3, you can set mouseEnabled = false right before you start the tween. In the tween specify a onComplete function, sort of like this:


TweenLite.to(this, 1, {bla bla bla, onComplete:myCompleteFunction});


On that function just put mouseEnabled = true;


That should do it.

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Hi thanks what if using actionscript 2?


the function is mybutton.enabled = false; right?

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Sorry but I'm 100% AS2 blind. You need to check what's the AS2 counterpart of mouseEnabled property.

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