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shivam bhatele

Looking For Free Javascript Course

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Hello All, So I'm trying to learn Javascript as well as can be expected, and I'm considering what are the absolute best assets where I could learn it? Anyone knows any online books or any other resources, I love to learning but I am confused where I can start learning.

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Here I am sharing with you the tips through you can learn Javascript easily:


1. Javascript* objects and prototypal inheritance, including a thorough understanding of the this keyword.

2. Javascript functional programming.

3. The Javascript ecosystem, including build tools such as grunt and gulp, modules (Browserify/RequireJS), Javascript unit testing, Javascript debugging, linting, strict mode, Node/NPM, ES6 compilation into ES5, Underscore/Lodash, and Jquery. Assuming you're learning this for front-end web development, also include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and the SCSS tools Less and Sass.

4. Choose a server-side language (it can be Javascript, too, if you want) and learn enough about it to create a simple full-stack app, with a RESTful interface that connects to a database. Even if you intend to only focus on client-side work, you should understand how everything works together in client-server applications.

Learn this stuff by reading some books and/or watching training videos and then trying it out for yourself, which is the most important part.

Frameworks are useful and in-demand, but if you understand the above, they'll come pretty easy, and that foundation stuff is what's most important. Once you've mastered the basics, I'd focus on AngularJS, BackboneJS, and RequireJS, which are all pretty hot at the moment. (If you read this in a year, the story may be different, as frameworks tend to come and go.)

If you want a Framework to get you started--to act as a structural element as you work on the core stuff, try Backbone, because it's the simplest of the ones most-frequently used. You can use it and still focus mostly on core Javascript principals. Whereas Angular and React start moving you off the rail, into their own idiosyncratic workflows.

* Sorry, but I refuse to spell it with an internal capital letter.


Apart from this you can follow these courses to start your Javascript Learning Journey. 


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