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Stagger Animation

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I have a title in three words. Each word goes individually in a new line with a stagger.  So after that I want to hide this title and make visible button in the same position of the title. After a seconds I want return the first animation with the title and then the animation with the button and so on indefinitely. Thank you.

let title = document.getElementsByClassName('title');
let tll = new TimelineMax({ repeat: -1 });
tll.staggerFromTo(title, 1, {
x: -250,
y: 300,
}, {
x: 0,
stagger: 1,
ease: Sine.easeInOut
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Hey vanSk,


You should be able to do this by adding a delay after the staggerFromTo that you're using there, then adding another animate to the timeline to show the button, and then it will loop indefinitely since you set the repeat to -1 on the timeline.


Is there a particular part of the process that you're running into trouble doing?

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