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Forrest Longanecker

Simple hamburger animation

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Hello, I am just starting to use GreenSock and have really enjoyed it so far!

I am having a strange issue when trying to target the first defined path in my hamburger SVG the other two paths referenced the same way are behaving as they should but the one with the class "top" will not respond to any input.

I feel like I am missing something simple but am not sure what that may be. I have been using codepen on a Mac with FireFox.

Thanks in advanced!

See the Pen XWrdXGq?editors=1010 by forrestlonganecker (@forrestlonganecker) on CodePen

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Hello Forrest and welcome to the forums!


As Blake said, you've stumbled upon an edge case of browsers. You can use a different variable name or just use a string like ".top" to work around this issue.


Happy tweening.

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