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Smooth Scroll (window & div container)

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Hi there,


I'm looking for some code to do a smooth scroll gsap ready on website but i can't find any that fit my needs.


For now, i found this one (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57365715/bug-found-in-scrolling-smooth-code-found-in-someone-else-post-but-dont-know-how), but i encounter some issues like it works for window only but not scroll in div elements.


I also just discover this one, but not test yet https://github.com/locomotivemtl/locomotive-scroll They don't share a min file of this except via NPM.


Someone has a librairy that works great for all browsers?

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Hey graphsynergie and welcome to the forums,


Neither of your examples seem to make use of GSAP.


With that being said, Blake here on the forums has an infamous thread about smooth scrolling that you can check out if you want to learn more about how to implement smooth scrolling with GSAP. 



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Thanks for this fast answer. I know my examples doesn't use GSAP, but for the first one, i know i can use scrollmagic and gsap.


I will check this thread and if i have further questions, i will post them on the thread.


Thanks again!

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