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Access of "texFields" propertyarray trough a function.

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I am trying to call a function that contains timelinemax, tweenmax and splittextfield. The problem is that the textFields property does not seem to work from inside this function. I get the following error message from all 3 lines inside the function where i call the function parameter "nameofthesplittextfieldvariable".textFields :


Access of possibly undefined property textFields through a reference with static type String.


Here is how my function needs to work:


var text1:SplitTextField = new SplitTextField(this.pic1_mc.txt1);

function myfunction(nameofthesplittextfieldvariable:String, delaynumber:int):void
timeline.appendMultiple(TweenMax.allFrom(nameofthesplittextfieldvariable.textFields, 1, {y:"-100", autoAlpha:0, ease:Elastic.easeOut}, 0.05));

       for (var i:int = nameofthesplittextfieldvariable.textFields.length - 1; i > -1; i--) {
TweenMax.to(nameofthesplittextfieldvariable.textFields[i], 2, 
{blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10}, x:Math.random() * 650 - 100, y:Math.random() * 350 - 100, scaleX:Math.random() * 4 - 2, 
            scaleY:Math.random() * 4 - 2, rotation:Math.random() * 360 - 180, autoAlpha:0, delay:delaynumber, ease:Quad.easeIn, 
			repeat:0, repeatDelay:1.2}) 
myfunction('text1', 8);



This works beautiful without the function, but would like to make it all happen without repeating code, so would be thankful for a solution of how to make the textFields property work with the function? Thank you!

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You passed the literal text (String) "text1" instead of the reference to the actual SplitTextField object :) Don't put quotes around it.


BAD: myfunction('text1', 8);

GOOD: myfunction(text1, 8);

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I changed myfunction('text1', 8); to--> myfunction(text1, 8);


It seems something is still wrong because the same error appears with another new one.

I might verywell have some beginner mistakes in my code.


I get the following errors:


1119: Access of possibly undefined property textFields through a reference with static type String. (this error comes 3 times referring to every line inside the function containing "nameofthesplittextfieldvariable.textFields.length" or "nameofthesplittextfieldvariable.textFields")




1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type com.greensock.text:SplitTextField to an unrelated type String. ( refers to myfunction(text1, 8); )



Thanks for help! :-)

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I think what Jack is trying to say is that your function's first parameter should be typed not as a String but rather a SplitTextField object. You are trying to pull the textFields from nameofthesplittextfieldvariable, which the string class doesn't have, its part of the SplitTextField class.

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This worked. Just changed the


function myfunction(nameofthesplittextfieldvariable:String, delaynumber:int):void

to -->

function myfunction(nameofthesplittextfieldvariable:Object, delaynumber:int):void


Works perfect. Thank you.

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