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Parallax with scrolljacking

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to recreate a scrolljacking page with a parallax effect. I'm brand new to Greensock and its plugins, I've been messing a lot with the timeline and I've seen some awesome effects! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what plugins to use where I can combine both a srolljacking effect with parallax. The site i'm trying to recreate looks like this:


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Hey lasiyo and welcome.


I'm not quite sure why you decided to delete the elements that said Hello Monday on your screen capture. The live reference for others: https://www.hellomonday.com/home


Anyway, for the full screen scrolling navigation I'd recommend looking at Craig's method in this thread:


For the parallax effect on mouse move I'd recommend the below thread but there are some others you can search for if it's not sufficient.


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