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Animate Wave On Hover

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Does anyone have advice on animating the svg in this codepen?



Basically I want to use it as a menu hover effect where when the button is hovered, the wave animates somewhat like this sine example I found:


See the Pen jgxqwx by samandalso (@samandalso) on CodePen


I understand this svg is not really 'even' like the one in the example I found, but want to find out if this is possible or if I should go another route.





See the Pen bXMpWY by samandalso (@samandalso) on CodePen

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Hey sammyg,


There are a couple different ways to do something like this. I'll list the ones I can think of:

  • Put it in a container that has overflow:hidden. Then you can either use a background image and background-repeat along with a translation or make the wave symmetric and a translate of a portion of the wave's width (enough to make it match the next wave).
  • Do the same basic technique but have it completely in SVG (check out this post or if you want something more complex this one).
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Hey @sammyg,


Waves are welcome guests here in the GreenSock Forum ...


See the Pen KORMKE by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy tweening ...




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