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How can I access values of tween target?

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i have an array of html-object i want to tween. 


e.g: array = $('.test'); 


<div class="test"></div>

<div class="test"></div>

<div class="test"></div>


each object has values for tweening:


e.g. $('.test')[0]._newPosition.x;


Now  I want to stagger them and get the tween-values from itself like:


TweenMax.staggerTo( $('.test'), 1, { x: {currentTween}.target._newsPosition.x, y: {currentTween}.target._newsPosition.y }, .02);  


Is this possible and if how?



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Hey @Donatello666,


Welcome to the GreenSock Forum.


Instead of defining a single value (like x:100, rotation:90), you can define an Array of values to cycle through.

More info: Stagger effects with cycle


See the Pen qeoMZM by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy tweening ...




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Hi mikel,


thanks for your solution. I already thought about that. The only point why i would not like to use this is:


each of my DIVs has the values stored inside. To use your approach i first have to iterate through the DIVs and fill the array and then tween them and i would like to do this without this extra step. 


I thought: "OK, if GSAP iterates through my DIVs to tween them, i could get the tween values in the same step".


But I will give it a try, its the best way so... THX a lot! ?

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