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delayedCall to run 3 functions simultaneously

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Is it possible to use TweenMax.delayedCall() to run 3 functions simultaneously? If not, can it be done with TimeLineMax?

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You can put all the functions you want inside the function you call with delayedCall(). 


Does that help?



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Yes!! Thank you. Well done...

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Just perusing the forums and I noticed this thread.

PointC already gave you solid advice but if your looking for a small function to help with that then you can also write a function to compose the result...


const  callbackIfFunction = function callbackIfFunction(f, r, s) {
            try { return f && f.call ? f.call(s || f, r) : r; }
            catch (e) { return e; }
compose = function compose() {
            const e = arguments.length;
            let r = e > 0 ? arguments[0] : undefined, i = 0;
            for (; i < e; ++i) r = callbackIfFunction(arguments[i], r);
            return r;

Used like...


compose('1.1', parseFloat, Math.floor)

Or even something like this...


compose(Math.random, console.log)

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, Julius! I'll put it in my functions file - won't have to ask next time...

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