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Animate in ms within a scroll-bound timeline (GSAP + SM)

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I'm  using scrollmagic to trigger some tweens, but one of the sequences on my timeline I would like to unbind from the scroll speed, and instead animate in miliseconds. 

I read the solution in another topic - to just create a new trigger, but my elements are off-screen, part of a horizontal animation. 

What would be a smart way to triggering it?


I made a simple demo - I would like to have the 3 elements near the end spin for Xms, instead of their current scroll-bound rotation. Any ideas?

(Note, this is not the final animation - I plan to add many more scroll-based animations to the timeline after it)



See the Pen MNbrMz by sashaikevich (@sashaikevich) on CodePen

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Hey @sashaikevich,


Here is a slightly different approach (NO scrollMagic) - quite magical ...


See the Pen BXdbjQ by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy scrolling ...




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I'd probably just use one of the ScrollMagic event handlers. You could rotate those objects with a separate tween or timeline and call that tween with a scene end event handler or maybe fire it when the scene reaches a certain progress point. You could also just use a separate trigger.


Keep in mind that ScrollMagic is not a GreenSock product. 


Check out the event docs here:



Happy tweening.

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