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Parent iframe moving with draggable on iPad

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Hi Folks,


I doubt this is a bug with Draggable, but I am hoping someone here may have had a similar experience and can point me in the right direction.  The bad behavior I am seeing is all contents of an iframe shifting when a user interacts with a draggable button.  It does not happen in desktop browsers, but it does in both Chrome & Safari on iPad (have not yet tested an Android tablet).  You can see what is happening here:




Things I know:

  • The page that holds the multimedia content (background, menu, question, image, draggable buttons) is in an iFrame of an OnPoint LMS
  • This behavior does not occur when viewing the content outside of the SCORM wrapper (not in an iFrame)
  • I don't really have control or access to the parent SCORM wrapper, since it is launched by the LMS
  • Occurs only on iPad (so far) and not in desktop browsers.


I'm not even sure what to search for online or what this is called.  That's why I created the GIF to describe it.


Any help is greatly appreciated

-- Pawley B

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