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With Adobe AIR's potential comeback...

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I know you you're all focused on HTML5 nowadays, but with Harman now taking over Adobe AIR, would you consider updating and adding to GSAP for AS as well?

It's still hard to know what will happen to AIR, but the HARMAN dev team seems really dedicated to make it commercially viable.

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Thanks for asking about this, @Laborious. The demand for ActionScript-based solutions drastically dropped to almost zero, so we're 100% focused on where the vast majority of our users need our help - in the world of JS/HTML/CSS. I wish we had the resources to devote attention in multiple places like that, but unfortunately we don't. You're of course welcome to keep using the ActionScript tools we developed. As far as I know, they work great. 


Happy tweening!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I still use it, as well as, I would guess, most other AIR developers. Guess I'll ask again later, if AIR in fact do grow substantially ;)

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