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Automated Testing Draggable Behaviour

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Hi there,


I am trying to figure out a way to write automated tests for my drag and drop implemented with the Draggable library. A couple of questions really.


Is this using native events under the hood? 

Are there any solutions or examples of people writing tests that work for draggables?

Are there any helpers provided from the libraries that might aid me in this?





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Can you describe what you mean by "native events"? Like "touchstart"? If so, yes, it's tapping into normal browser events - it's not using some 3rd party library. There are zero dependencies outside of GreenSock tools. If by "native events" you're talking about native development on phones or something like that, no, this is pure JS that runs in a browser and is tapping into browser events. 


I'm not aware of any examples or helpers for tests, no, sorry. 

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