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TweenMax.to OR TweenMax.set

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I am discovering GSAP and I did an exercice with TweenMax,


And I don't understand why I have to write :


TweenMax.set('....', {transformPerspective: xxx});


If I write the same thing with TweenMax.to and it don't works ...


Can someone tell me when we have to use the 1st one and the 2nd one ?



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Hey Jeff and welcome to the forums! 


The .set method is essentially a .to but with a duration of 0. But it's used to set properties of an element without an animation. It makes sense to use it for a transformPerspective because you don't (usually) want to animate that property. 


However, it should work for you if you do TweenMax.to('.foo', 0, {transformPerspective: xxx}); I'm guessing you just forgot the animation duration in the .to call (the second parameter). 


Does that help?


For more information, check out their docs pages: TweenMax.set and TweenMax.to.

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Without a codepen demo to see the context, it'd difficult to know for sure but typically it's best to just set a perspective on the parent element rather than a transformPerspective on the element itself. I assume you're doing some 3D-related transforms? 

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Thank you all for your answers it helps me to understand :)


Yep I wrote



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