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allTo() and delay: problem

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Sorry if my question is stupid but I have a problem with this:


TweenMax.allTo([ball1, ball2, ball3], 5, {_x:700, delay:1, ease:Expo.easeOut});


It seems that I have delay only for 'ball1', 'ball2' and 'ball3' are tweening immediately ...


Just for the record I am using AS2 version of TweenMax and I need 'delay' not 'stagger' option


Thanks in advance

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You're absolutely right - sorry about that. It's fixed in the latest version. The issue was only in the AS2 flavor. http://www.TweenMax.com

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10x for the quick reply - I did not saw that there is a new version - I will update my files 10x ;)

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