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Full page vertical scroll transition in react

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I'm fairly new to React and fresher with Greensock aminations.

Want to achieve vertical scroll effect like https://plasticbcn.com but stuck in middle of transition. please guide or provide some code snippets that include react + gsap scroll animation. 

See the Pen orZraX by rupesx (@rupesx) on CodePen

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Hi @r26


Your pen is a fork of Chrysto's Pen Fullscreen slides.

Here is another fork ...


See the Pen QXdEjQ by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Maybe it is helpful.


Happy Tweening ...




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Thanks! for sharing but I am working on something like this, still I am facing issue 

1. When first scroll upward after scroll downward then it won't work

2.   When scroll little fast then its laggy (matrix value is changed after every scroll)


Click here for snippet




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