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ScrollToPlugin not working

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I have a really simple usage of the ScrollToPlugin but I get the following error:


TypeError: Value can't be converted to a dictionary.


Even if I do the following (with hard coded values) I get the same error.


TweenMax(el, 1, scrollTo: { x: 200, y: 0});


Is the ScrollToPlugin included with TweenMax?  That's my assumption.


Any help here is greatly appreciated.

See the Pen XLMeRe by jessegavin (@jessegavin) on CodePen

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The ScrollTo plugin is not automatically loaded with TweenMax. Check out this pen for what is included:


See the Pen djXzyR by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Happy tweening.

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Thank you so much for the answer @PointC



In my real application I am using npm modules (gsap@1.20.3) . My import statement looks like this..


import { TweenMax, Power2 } from "gsap";


How do I "include" ScrollToPlugin?

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import "gsap/ScrollToPlugin";


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Just FYI — 1.20.3 is almost two years old now. The latest version is 2.1.3.


Happy tweening.



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