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MorphSVGPlugin convertToPath on rounded <rect>

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I just noticed that a <rect> with the rx attribute is not converted to a <path> with the same appearance.


<rect x="90" y="115" width="228" height="206" rx="23"/>


Well, it depends on how you look at it. I guess it is intended behavior from GSAP but not what I expected. Perhaps it should be mentioned in the docs - also if other "basic" SVG shapes attributes are ignored. 

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If you only specify the rx (or ry) attribute, the browser assumes the missing value is equal to the one you specified. I don't think I've ever used the convertToPath() method with a missing attribute like that so I've never seen that happen. @GreenSock should be along later with additional details.


For now if you specify both the rx and ry attributes you should see the desired output.


Happy tweening.

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Ah yes, thatnk you. You are right :) I missed that! It happened with SVGOMG that optimized it "too much". 


A notice on this in the docs is better if the alternative is additional checks in convertToPath(), that has a negative impact on speed :)

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Good catch, @PointC. And yes, @knalle, I just added a note to the docs. Cheers!

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