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Looping timeline startpoint offsets confusion

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So I have a timeline loop that should loop infinitely, each new timeline has a negative offset to keep the loop from having a gap at the beginning of each timeline 


I can achieve the desired effect by adding the same timeline with negative delay multiple times ( lots of timeline.add(anim(), "-=3") )


But for some reason today I can't wrap my brain around how to do this nicely?


I have tried various things, negative repeatDelay, onComplete set time() / progress(), but none of them quite work. Something like 2 timelines and the second one loops forever sounds like the right way to do it?


Please look at the codepen and all should be made clear, on each 'repeat' of the master timeline there is a gap  


Thank you in advance ? I'm so sure it's something really simple that I'm overlooking!?!

See the Pen jjbbwB?editors=1111 by bananafarma00 (@bananafarma00) on CodePen

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I think this thread can help.

Happy tweening.



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Ah yes didn't come across this one,  looks promising, will have a read, thanks!!

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