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Tweening Draggable's bounding values... with easing?

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When you're using applyBounds() to set new container boundaries (e.g. on a resize event), is there a way to make the old boundary values tween to the new ones... with easing?


For context: I'm using Draggable on a fullscreen map element and then using applyBounds when I show/hide a sidebar. It's a rather jarring experience when the map is forced into the new boundaries. The whole screen seemingly jumps.


EDIT: Added a Codepen.


To replicate this, drag the map all the way to the left, then toggle the sidebar closed. You will see how the map jumps to fit the new boundaries. I would like to tween it to resize the bounds in tandem with the sidebar toggle animation... slowly and smoothly.


See the Pen LKVLZq by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Yes, that's perfect! Thank you.


That's so much more elegant and simple than what I thought I needed. My whole idea of tweening the container values seems pretty silly in hindsight.  ?


You GreenSock guys, I swear... you're just the best. Every single time.

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Happy to help, @SammyC123! And yeah, I sometimes overcomplicate things myself. It happens to all of us :)

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