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Blur filter to work in AdobeAnimate

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I posted this in the other Forum so I am reposting it here.


For some reason, I cannot get the blur filter to work in AdobeAnimate.

It has been a very long time since I have used flash now animate and GSAP. I have gone through the getting started docs to refamiliarize myself with GSAP, and when I follow the code, I get a blank screen when I test it in the browser. I have my .fla in the same folder as com so I am at a loss as to the reason I cannot get it to work.  I was able to make a timeline and animate using the global get URL method; however, when I try to apply the blur filter to the same string, it does not animate. I have tried adding the blur to my working timeline and it will not animate. I have attached the .fla

I get a blank screen when I attempt:


import com.greensock.TweenLite;
import com.greensock.plugins.TweenPlugin; 
import com.greensock.plugins.BlurFilterPlugin; 
TweenPlugin.activate([BlurFilterPlugin]); //activation is permanent in the SWF, so this line only needs to be run once.
TweenLite.to(logo, 1, {blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10}});

My timeline that works:


var tl = new TimelineMax();

tl.from(this.logo, 0.5, {right:200, alpha:0})
.from(this.title, 0.5, {x:200, skewX:45, alpha:0},"-=0.25")
.from(this.one, 0.5, {left:-100, alpha:0} ) 
.from(this.two, 0.5, {scale:0.5, alpha:0},0 );

// when I add this it does not animate
TweenLite.to(this.three, 1, {blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10}});


attached is the .fla


I also have another question. If I use Adobe Create to make an HTML5 Canvas document instead of a SWF and I know I can use JS code snippets from the library in the actions tab to animate with Canvas, in theory, would I be able to use GSAP JS  and not ActionScript?



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Your FLA seems to be set up to publish to HTML/JS which means you CANNOT use ActionScript. That definitely explains why the blurFilter wouldn't work. 


Here's an article that might help: https://greensock.com/GSAP-Animate-CC-2017


And you'll probably want to use EaselPlugin: https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/EaselPlugin


And yes, absolutely, you can use GSAP to animate properties that Adobe makes available in their canvas library, CreateJS. Just remember it's a subset of what you were used to in the Flash/SWF days. 

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Thank you! Everything made sense once I created a separate canvas with JS and AS3 file.

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