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Timelinelite on svg not working - jquery version is working

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I have started this as a new topic as it's changed slightly.


I am animating the opacity of an svg <g> layer.

I am trying to target the layer and animate that, but nothing happens.

The timeline seems to play because my onComplete callback is firing, but the tweens are not running it would appear.


However, if I try to do the exact same tween in jquery animate method, then animation happens. So I am led to believe it is an issue with greensock, or I have made an error in my code, but seeing as the jquery version works perfectly I am not sure this is true.



See the Pen zQXWVa?editors=1010 by JonnyPS (@JonnyPS) on CodePen

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Is this solved from your other thread?


The pen you listed is 404 so I'm not sure what's happening. 



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Hi @PointCyes this is now resolved.

It was targeting the layer correctly and changing the opacity, but because I hadn't included cssPlugin it wasn't visually showing.

No errors are displayed when this happens either.


Essentially all i had to do was include the plugin.


thank you for your help.

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