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Draggable is not defined - Draggable is loaded

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I keep getting Draggable not defined error. but I see it is being loaded like the other files. No codepen here.


Works in my sandbox - https://animation-sandbox.zentropy.us/duffs-cake-mix/


Does not load here. https://duffscakemix.zentropy.us/


When I moved the page over to the same environment it will not load Draggable. it loads everything else. I am 100% sure the file is being loaded in the header. Does this need to be loaded elswhere?






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It's a bit difficult to decipher because there's soooo much going on in that live page, but I suspect the problem has to do with this line: 

var oldGS=window.GreenSockGlobals,oldGSQueue=window._gsQueue,oldGSDefine=window._gsDefine;window._gsDefine=null;delete(window._gsDefine);var gwGS=window.GreenSockGlobals={};


That's basically forcing any GreenSock files after that to load into a special object instead of the global namespace. I'm not exactly sure why you're doing that.


Also, it looks like you've got a bunch of redundant GreenSock files being loaded. A super old version of TweenMax (1.11.2), plus the latest version, plus TweenLite (which is already in both of those). You just need one TweenMax.min.js file, plus Draggable and ThrowPropsPlugin.

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ok, that makes sense, It is a wordpress site, and the files are being enqueued via the standard wordpress method. Ill clean it up and see what I can come up with.



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ok, that makes sense, It is a wordpress site, and the files are being enqueued via the standard wordpress method. I cleaned it up and still no dice. It is a wordpress environment, and I dont know where the code you posted came from. How can I force the files to be loaded onto the global container. I have never had this issue before.

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I'm not seeing any errors on the page you linked and Draggable.js is being loaded correctly (though you're still loading an additional old version of TweenMax in addition to the newer one). Did you solve your issue, @BigMattKush?

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Thanks for everyones help. with a fresh set of eyes(in addition to your assistance) I was able to track down the issue. I am a wordpress/Magento dev so I was a bit puzzled by the eroneous scripts pointed out to me in this thread, so I started there.


In wordpress my colleague who built the page had a plugin called layerslider7 enabled. it did not seem to be used. This plugin was not only loading the following script, but the ancient version of TweenMax.

var oldGS=window.GreenSockGlobals,oldGSQueue=window._gsQueue,oldGSDefine=window._gsDefine;window._gsDefine=null;delete(window._gsDefine);var gwGS=window.GreenSockGlobals={};



I found this declaration in the middle of a bunch of LayerSLider7 scripts. I disabled the plugin and Boom! back in business.


Radial animation cake dial is up here --- https://duffscakemix.zentropy.us/

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