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Simple use of drawSVG on SVG-File

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is it possible to use drawSVG when an (local) SVG-Image (logo.svg - Vector Logo) is loaded as object into the html source code? And how do i access the ID of this file? Or do i have to use the <svg> tag inside html?


Thanks for helping



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Hello Technics, 


Are you asking if drawSVG can be used on SVGs that are in an img or object tag? Like <img src="foo.svg"/> or <object data="foo.svg"></object>? 


If so, the answer is it's not very easy to (this is due to how browsers handle img and object tags, not a problem with GSAP). You should include the SVG as an <svg> tag. This thread about SVGs can help you learn how to do so properly if you run into errors.

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Hi @Technics1210


I'd recommend just using an inline SVG, but we've had some discussions about injecting the SVG too. Here's a good one:

Happy tweening.



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