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Splittext and SEO concerns

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I'm rather concerned about splitting a title (Hn) into separate letters. Can Google bots read the HTML generated ?


Thanks for your feedback

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Legitimate concern ... I’m not too sure how Google handles divs and spans within heading tags.


But, you could choose to execute/not execute certain scripts based on the reported user agent. User a server side script to put a class on <html> And then use the presence (or not) of that class as a hook in your script.

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Hello @oligsap and Welcome to the GreenSock forum!


When the Google bot scans your page for the first time, it reads the source code of the HTML document. So it will read the <h1> text before the JavaScript has generated the new HTML <h1> markup.


You can also test your web page using Google web tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Webmaster Tools.


Hope that helps   :)

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Thanks @Jonathan for your input. You're right I completely forgot that, thanks !

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