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Using Club Greensock Perks in Open Source Projects

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I was wondering how things work when using premium gsap features, like the ThrowPropsPlugin, in free and open source projects.


For example, if I were to create a todo list component in vue that uses ThrowProps, would I be able to share it freely online?


Obviously I wouldn't share the source files. They would probably be listed as external dependencies on github, but when distributing them on npm? Is it alright to just share the compiled code with the ThrowProps functionality?

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Good question. Obviously it would be pretty bad for business if folks started sharing the bonus plugins for free in open source projects. I appreciate you saying that you would just point to the bonus files as external dependencies (rather than actually including the files). Sounds fair enough. 


Folks with a "Business Green" license are allowed to distribute the bonus plugins as a part of their Work Product as long as they make it clear to their users that the GreenSock files are subject to their own license and can be used solely as a part of the [unedited] Work Product. And of course we'd sure appreciate if only the minified files were distributed. 


We've never sued anyone and our entire business model relies on the honor system (see https://greensock.com/why-license). We extend a lot of respect and trust to our users in the hopes that'll be reciprocated. Thus far, it has worked pretty well; we're blessed to have amazing customers. We don't burn a bunch of hours trying to hunt down violations. Fortunately, our fantastic community tends to "have our back" and gently self-corrects when necessary. We try to focus our attention more on delivering solid tools and friendly support (like in these forums). 


Thanks for asking the question - it shows that you're exactly the type of customer we love serving. Glad you're a Club GreenSock member! Happy tweening!

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Cool! So just to clarify, it would be alright if I just shared the minified file on npm for free? That is, the minified file of the whole app with the bonus functionality, not just GSAP. I don't think anyone would ever go through the time to decode all of that haha.


The end user would just install it via npm and use it as is. If they want to fork it and change the functionality, they would have to either be a club greensock member, or opt to use a different animation package. They wouldn't be able to extract the bonus plugins and use it elsewhere since it would be compiled along with the main app code.

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Yeah, if it's all compiled/minified into a big blob with other stuff and the licensing is clear, that should be fine (assuming your project doesn't actually compete with our offerings, like if it'd make it easy for people to just grab your free thing instead of getting the proper GreenSock license/tool, that'd kinda suck). 

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Ok cool. And thanks for the idea! (just kidding of course)

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