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Catalin R.

Add different functions on play and reverse inside of a timelineMax

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I need to add freezeBrowser function when I play this timelineMax and unfreezeBrowser function on reverse of TimelineMax. I need these functions to freeze and unfreeze the browser.

How can I do that?


See the Pen QPpQYm?editors=0010 by catalin_rusu (@catalin_rusu) on CodePen

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What do you mean by "freeze" and "unfreeze" the browser? GSAP can't force the browser to literally freeze (not execute any JavaScript, events, CSS transitions/animations, etc.). You can use an onComplete and/or an onReverseComplete if you want to trigger an action at the start or end of a tween/timeline. Does that help? 

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Wow! It works with onStart and onReverseComplete!

Thanks a lot!

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