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Scroll to div on mouse scroll up/down

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Thanks, finished project with this help.


@Mikel vertical scroll  Just little problem if down scroll occurs on last slide it scrolls in reverse direction at once.


Once I posted my Tween question to daniweb and got suggestion to post it on GreenSock Forum. With uncertainty about reply I started posting questions on GreenSock Forum.  And it's working well.


These two Forums are really really very helpful ?

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hi @mikel
I'm looking at the "Vertical Full Screen Slider" demo @ 

See the Pen MzWzyv by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

The mouse wheel scroll and the drag works just fine. But using the trackpad of my notebook, the slider always moves two panels per gesture. Is there a simple way to limit the advance to just one panel at a time?

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Hi @fedehache,


There are some other sliders here in the thread.
Pick one that works well with your trackpad.


Kind regards


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