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pixiPlugin and pixi2.2.5

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Does anyone know if pixiPlugin can work fully with Filters using pixi 2.2.5. I am able to make if work using scale, rotation, alpha but no filters like blur, contrast, saturation, colorize. All filters seem to error at the same place. Cannot read property 'length' of undefined which is at filterPasses.length in the code

Thank you in advance for you help. 


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


You're using PIXI 2.2.5?, that's a bit old and there is a good chance the plugin doesn't work with filters in that particular version of PIXI. If possible please try to update to the latest 4.x version of PIXI. Unfortunately I don't have time to go through the difference in filters implementations in these different versions of PIXI (2.2.5 vs 4.8.6) and see where exactly is the problem. But my guess is that perhaps it has changed during that time.


Perhaps our great master @GreenSock can shed some lights in this matter.


Happy tweening!!

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@Rodrigo Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it is not possible to update in this project for me. :( Yes, It seems the plugin doesn't work with filters in my version of PIXI. Just wanted confirmation of that being the case.

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I would think that was the case. The GreenSock PIxi plugin only came into existence a couple years ago and Pixi 2.2.5 is over four years old so I don't know that Jack would have considered going back that far.


But @GreenSock can confirm that.


Happy tweening.



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Frankly, I'm not terribly familiar with PIXI or what was added in each of its major releases, so I can't comment about really old versions and what they supported (like filters). I'd definitely recommend using a more modern version, but it sounds like that's not possible for you. I'm curious why, but I guess it doesn't really matter. 


Also, there's nothing in our codebase that references "filterPasses.length" - are you sure that the error isn't from your code somewhere? 

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@GreenSock I feel like the error is from the plugin... Applying the blurFilter using pixi has a 'passes' property ( becomes filterPasses) and makes it through that section in the pixijs code. That property is not available on the blurFilter using the pixiPlugin. 

The reason I am unable to upgrade- short answer -this is a work project that is underway and it is not my decision.

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Well, feel free to post a reduced test case that demonstrates the error, like in a codepen demo. That'd be SUPER helpful in troubleshooting. But again, I kinda suspect that the main problem is the super old version of Pixi that you're using. A demo will help confirm that, though. 

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