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How to implement GSAP along with bonus content in Webflow project

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Hello everyone, 


I've been using Webflow for my projects recently and need to be able to use GSAP along with the bonus content from the "Shockingly Green" plan (specifically CustomWiggle) in a project. 


Has anyone successfully implemented GSAP along with the Club Bonus content in a Webflow project and if so, how? 


Thank you.



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I don't have any experience with WebFlow, but I assume it would allow you to add any external JavaScript files of your choosing. 

You should be able to add TweenMax.min.js and CustomEase.min.js just as you would any other file.


A quick search of the WebFlow forum shows: https://forum.webflow.com/t/using-external-scripts/31220


I'm guessing you'll get more detailed help from the WebFlow team. I'm confident it won't be that hard as you would use GSAP just as you would any other third party js library.

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Hello Carl, 


Thanks for the swift reply. 

Sure, I can add the CDN code to any page in Webflow, however the CustomWiggle part of GSAP is only downloadable, so would I just inject the code from the files since I cannot upload a .js file to webflow? 

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Yes, that seems like a valid solution, or try to host that file on a server that you have ftp access to.



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