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IE11 missing a defined <rect>

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I've got a couple of diagrams that, when I test on IE11 (albeit a browser preview via my mac), a white <rect> which I use to 'hide' the markers of a black line, isn't there. How do I remedy this without disrupting how the animations look on other browsers?




See the Pen jJQwqd by michael19911991 (@michael19911991) on CodePen

See the Pen OqrMXG by michael19911991 (@michael19911991) on CodePen

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Thanks for the demos.

I would suggest you remove everything from your file so only the <rect> is there.

If there is still a problem then at least you know it has nothing to do with GSAP or any other code you are using.


I noticed your rect has no width or height attributes. Maybe see if adding them helps. Not really too familiar with IE11's quirks.





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IE11 is a notorious fussy pants when it comes to SVG. I checked your demo in IE11 and it's definitely messing up some of the animation in addition to the missing rectangle. I didn't dive too deep into it, but I'd follow @Carl's advice and remove all the animation and see if the SVG will appear correctly in IE11. I'm 99.99%  sure this has nothing to do with GSAP.


Side note: I'm not sure what your user stats look like, but IE11 is approaching end of life. CodePen won't even work with IE11 except in Debug Mode. 

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Thanks guys, I have added inline width/height and will test again in IE11.


We get about 11% IE users versus 13% last year, so not a huge thing. Is it worth paying for Browser Stack to test this regularly, or do you know of any good quality free emulators? I'm on a Mac see...

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I guess it depends on your client's needs and demands. I've informed all of mine that we no longer test or support IE11.


I'm just kicking back and watching it die. I say good riddance. ;)

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