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i'm doing test on morphSVG.

For now just this..it's the same script on the start tutorial with 2 path (name id "uno" and "due"

TweenMax.to('#uno',4,{morphSVG:"#due", fill:"#451212",stroke:"#124578"})

Dont'work :(

My console message is ever 


"invalid morphSVG tween value: #due"

Help me please

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Hi Digital Nation,


It's very hard for us to guess what could be wrong without the code in context. If you could just create your test on a editable online tool like, CodePen, we will be able to point you to a solution.


If you haven't read, here's a handy guide on creating a CodePen demo:


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Yup, as Dipscom said a demo would really help.


My only guess is that #due is not a proper <path> element.


At the very least please provide your svg code as there isn't much we can do with out

that. Thanks!

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It sounds like you just forgot to load MorphSVGPlugin. 

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