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Tween with calc doesn't work?

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Good day, everyone.


I am trying to do so


TweenMax.to(circle, 0.5, {
  x: `calc(${e.clientX}px - 0.5rem)`,
  y: `calc(${e.clientY}px - 0.5rem)`


But it's not working. Can I do that? Tryed to google, saw a bunch of bug reports, but looks like people using it? How?

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OK, I ended up like this, case closed :D


const rem = parseFloat(getComputedStyle(document.documentElement).fontSize)
TweenMax.to(circle, 0.5, {
  x: e.clientX - rem/2,
  y: e.clientY - rem/2


I assume there's like a zillion different units in CSS that needs to be implemented so calc could work smoothly, so it's bettter to do that in JS.

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